Paydata farm payroll software will simplify payroll administration for your business, whether a small farm with a single employee to multi-departmental set ups with multiple payrolls and hundreds of employees.

It is an extremely easy-to-use method of managing farm payroll.
Use Paydata to:

  • Update all records relating to employee pay with a minimal amount of information.
  • Keep holiday and sickness records.
  • Automatically calculate PAYENational Insurance contributions, Tax Credits, Student Loan repayments and Variable Scottish & Welsh Tax rates.
  • Evaluate Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme eligibility and calculate contributions.

The benefits of Paydata:

  • Save time. Simply enter employee hours, holiday and sickness and the rest is done for you.
  • Ensure accuracy. Paydata is always updated with the correct National data tables.
  • Simple to operate. Familiar Microsoft Interface.